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Updated: May 14, 2019

Signs are everywhere helping us to see our loved ones who have passed before us.

My mom lost a long battle with breast cancer when she was just 56. She was an amazing artist. A year before she died she started painting dragonflies. Everywhere. She absolutely loved them. What we didn't realize was that she was setting a stage. Painting a picture so that we would see her when she left us. My kids have always referred to dragonflies as Nana Angel, and they have shown up in very symbolic and meaningful times. What none of us realized was that she was painting a canvas for Devin too.

Devin, the youngest of my four boys, died last year from a rare form of pediatric brain cancer called DIPG. It is an unforgiving, relentless, and aggressive disease that took his life in nine short months. He passed away one week before his seventh birthday.

His funeral was at the end of October and it was buzzing with bees. All of our friends with kids, and kids closest to Devin, were stung for the two weeks following his services. Devin was the only one of my boys to ever be stung by a bee, and he had been stung a lot!

During Devin's short battle with DIPG, we became very close with an amazing reiki master. She became a very important part of our medical team. A few weeks after Devin became an angel, my friend came over to do some reiki with me. She brought over her angel cards that she had used over the summer with Devin and I. A few girlfriends were visiting and we talked about all the incidents with the bees. I couldn't understand why I hadn't had a visit from a bee. My friend emptied the angel cards into my hand and something fell onto my leg. I assumed that it was a piece of fuzz and went to brush it away. I am not sure why, but I picked it up instead. It wasn't fuzz, it was a perfect bee. A dead bee with it's wings spread. My friend hadn't opened the box since the last time she was with Devin and I, months before.

Now, I see the dragonflies and bees together, often. Some times it's just one of each. My boys and I take such comfort in seeing these signs. We are reminded that they are still with us and showing us that they are still there. If you are open, you will be reminded of your loved ones too. They will find ways to show you!

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