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Meant to bee

Updated: May 14, 2019

I am a big believer that things are meant to be. Some things are hard to understand and comprehend but they are all part of your plan.

My mom died from breast cancer when I was 30, she was just 56. She was my person, my backbone. I was completely devastated, angry and couldn't imagine my life without her. It made me question so much about my life.

On her five year angelversary, I delivered my fourth son, Devin. I knew it wasn't a coincidence. She sent him to me, and to the rest of my family, who still felt such a tremendous void from her loss. He brought such joy to our lives and was such a happy, sweet, goofy boy. He always knew when I needed a hug and was attached to my right hip.

When Devin was diagnosed with DIPG, a pediatric brain cancer with no survivors, I firmly believed that he was going to be the first to beat this horrible disease. He had to be. I believed with all my being that he was sent from my mom, there was no way that he was going to be taken from me. But a week before his 7th birthday, a week before my mom's angelversary, Devin lost his battle. It was at that moment that I understood why my mom had died. I had this surreal comfort and profound peace knowing that she was there to meet him when he arrived in heaven.

It gave my mom's death a very different perspective. I started to see things very differently.

When you open your eyes and take the emotion out of events in life, you will see that you might have a different path. It doesn't mean that things won't devastate you and break you down, let it, but then take a deep breath and step forward. Things will happen that you won't understand. Maybe your not always meant to. But at some point they might make sense. Enjoy the things that make you smile and laugh. It's all part of your plan. Your path. Your meant to be.

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