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Of this I am sure- you don't find the happy life- you make it.

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

From the time I was a little girl, my mom taught me to get up and make my bed. No matter what else was happening, no matter what else you could give to the rest of the day, you accomplished something.

In order to make your bed, you need to get out of bed first.

She reminded me of this over and over again. When I had my first baby, not the way I planned, but through an emergency c-section, I got up every day and made my bed while I was recovering.

Nine short months after my first baby was born, my mom died from breast cancer. I thought of what she had taught me and got up and made my bed every day. Because I got up, I was able to take care of my baby and start to put things in motion.

Over the years, if I was having a tough time, I was reminded how important it was to get up and make my bed.

When Devin was diagnosed, getting up to make my bed started my day with a small accomplishment, knowing that many more could follow.

When I lost my marriage, and even more devastating lost my child, as hard as it was, I made myself get up and make my bed, every single day. I focused on the task of making my bed, not actually getting up and facing what was ahead. It gave me a purpose to start each day.

Learning this important lesson as a child, has carried me through some of the toughest times and taught me so much more about life. It has driven me to get out of bed, every day, even if I didn't want to.

Set one goal, one intention, every single day. Change your mindset to purpose. Purpose for each and every day no matter what is in front of you.

Get up and make your bed. 💚

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