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Find a different way to look at things. The most beautiful view has a different lens.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Change things up. Do things differently. 

Turn things upside down- you might have the most beautiful view right in front of you. Push yourself to do things that make you scared. If you’re not afraid, it isn’t enough. 

This weekend my boys, myself, my cousin, her husband and their kids went to our happy place.  We unplugged- we took in the beauty of the mountains and the rapids of the river. We went off the grid- played in caves at the top of the mountain that we never knew exsisted. We’ve skied Loon for years but never explored it in the summer. It’s a whole new paradise. 

My cousin Sharon (who I am so lucky to have and is way more my sister) and I did mountain top yoga.  We had never hiked the mountain with grass, buttercups, wild lavender and ponds. As we practiced with the most breathtaking views, that we usually see with snow, we could hear the music from a spiritual service happening somewhere on the mountain, bullfrogs croaking and the sound of annoying bugs buzzing too. It was absolutely beautiful, spiritual, and inspiring. All things that we’ve never experienced during our many days there in the winter.

We all did the aerial forest. Something we had only seen from the trails as we skied by. All levels of rope climbing, obstacles, and zip lining. I watched my kids and their cousins help eachother with a hand, or shout words of encouragement. My cousin and I did them too. It was scary! It was hard!  It pushed us. But at the end, it was so fulfilling. We all supported eachother, we went to the edge, and we all did it. 

We had conversations about whether we loved Loon more in the winter or the summer. It was a totally new experience. Instead of a winter wonderland it was a gorgeous green land. So lush and full of life. 

Don’t do things the way you always have. Take a different path. Explore. Challenge yourself. Mix it up. Take a look upside down. You won’t regret it. 

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