• Christine S

Bee Grateful

Love yourself enough to find gratitude in every day.

Some days are going to feel dark, some days are going to be frustrating or challenging. Instead of closing your eyes and focusing on what you can't see, what you don't have, look for the light. Look through the clouds, the difficult, the uncertain, to find the beautiful spot. When you find one, you will start to see others.

Love yourself enough to be grateful for what you have.

You don't want to go out for that training run? Be grateful that you have legs to carry you.

You are frustrated because your child doesn't want to play a sport? Be grateful that you've given him or her the courage to use their voice and to stand for what they believe in.

You don't want to give the presentation at work? Be grateful that someone had the confidence in you to present.

Your relationship didn't work out? Be grateful that you have learned what you want or don't want in your next relationship.

You are broken over the loss of a love one? Be grateful that you had that person, a gift, in your life to love enough to be devastated after their loss.

You get the point. There are always going to be hard things. Sometimes, really hard things. Love yourself enough to step back and look for the silver lining. Sometimes, the ugliest scene turns into the most beautiful story.

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